Crawford Estates Kelowna Real Estate For Sale


Crawford Estates, a smaller yet well-connected community, is surrounded by amenities in the Lower Mission, Upper Mission, and South East Kelowna, providing easy access to everything you need. Enjoy the tranquility of suburban life in a neighborhood that offers a retreat from the downtown hustle.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Crawford Estates real estate is an ideal choice. The neighborhood features smaller parks like Woodhaven Regional Park and Redridge Park, but the true hidden gem is Crawford Falls. This popular attraction, known for its easy-medium hiking trail, offers outstanding views and lookouts en route to the central falls. The serene atmosphere at Crawford Falls makes it an irresistible destination, especially for those who love outdoor activities like hiking or biking right from their doorstep.

Biking is a common pastime in Crawford, with residents often seen transporting their mountain bikes to explore the refreshing Crawford Bike trails.

Crawford Estates offers great options for golf enthusiasts and food lovers alike. The renowned Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Resort and several wineries with delightful local wines and delicious food are within reach.

Homes in the area predominantly showcase West Coast architecture. However, following the Kelowna wildfire in 2002, a number of homes underwent reconstruction, adopting modern styles that are popular today.