Thanks once again for all your time, patience, insight and due diligence in helping Debbie and I select our new home. We are really excited about this next step in our lives.
– Fraser, Debbie, Ainsley & Chelsea Wilson

My new home is perfect and I’m thrilled with the house – and even now, I know that I got it for an amazing price. The perfect fit for the house, at the price I wanted to pay, was solely due to you. So, I thank you for your hard work, your insight and knowledge, and your dedication to getting me what I needed for my family. Again – I’m thrilled with the house and for that I “Thank You”. You will do well as a Realtor and I won’t hesitate to recommend you and your team to anyone that I know.
– Cam & Michael Walton

Hey there Tim,
Thanks for taking us on, as I mentioned you had come very highly recommended.
— Stefan & Delphine Struk

You have done an OUTSTANDING job for us and we are truly grateful for your help and all the time and effort you put into this.
– Randy & Adrianne Lewis

We enjoyed working with you so much, and we hope to get together with you and your wife some day soon!!
– Chris & Sheila Lown

Hi Tim,
Things are going well in our new home. The sense of pride I have from home ownership is something I didn’t fully understand until I got here. You were a major part of that journey, and I do truly appreciate all your help.
– John (& Gen) Morrone

Just want to thank you again for going out of your way to drive my Mother and myself around today. You’re a top notch kind of guy (no pressure, yet patient and honest). You will be at the top of our referral list always. Thanks again Tim.
– Darlene Biro

Again, thanks very much for the tour of the condominiums. Joyce and I both mentioned that what we liked about your presentation today was the “no pressure” attitude. I think you understand our situation very well, but like we said today, if and when we sell our home in North Bay, you are definitely the person we will be calling on. For sure.
– Dan & Joyce Soper

Thank you Tim – you are awesome! Thank you for all your work and support Tim!
– Guylaine & Dave Appleby

Hi Tim,
I just wanted to say thank-you again. You made looking for and purchasing a home a very positive experience. Your thorough knowledge and understanding of real estate is so greatly appreciated. I also wanted to thank you for the useful information about the area and the secret ways of getting around Kelowna. I just can’t wait to get back!!!
– Rachel Dawson & Jason Halyk

Many thanx for your efforts.
– Chris, Barb & Kyle Britton

Hi Tim,
Thanks for all the work you did for us.
– Wai Chan

Thank you for your attention on this difficult house.
– Sean & Sandra Connor

Thanks so much, Tim. I appreciate the professional way things were handled.
– Geoff Pallett (Referring Agent – RE/MAX Elite, Edmonton)

Hi Tim,
Thanks again for all your work and for the lovely gift. We got it back to Winnipeg in one piece.
– Fiona Fleming & Sally Downes

Hi Tim,
Thanks for all your help as well. It was a pleasure getting to know you and Jayne. When it comes to lots I will have to take your recommendations and I trust your judgment.
– The Haggarty Family

Thank you very much Tim…
Hopefully we will be able to see you and your wife sometime this summer in shaa Allah. We were just talking this morning about when we will be able to move to Kelowna and join you guys in Paradise…
– A. H. & Family

Good work Tim!
– Garry & Heidi Handley

Thanks for your time – we felt we got an excellent overview of the Kelowna area during our tour of the districts. Thanks for the tip on the pub in Kettle Valley – had a good lunch there. We will certainly refer anyone we can to you and of course call you if we are doing anything in real estate in Kelowna.
– Peter & Evelyn Huff

Yay!!!!. I think we were fortunate in being put in touch with you! We look forward to meeting you and seeing the house!!! Thanks for your quick responses and helpfulness in the past.
– Jim, Lorraine & Colby Kramer

We appreciate knowing that you are looking after our interests so much. Thank you. Hey, I’ve seen you on television. I know a celebrity in Kelowna.
– The Leonard Family

Thanks so much! I can’t say just how much I appreciate all of your assistance through this whole process!
– Deanna Loster

Hi Tim,
We are very happy with the lot and everyone is being very nice to deal with. The developers are helpful and don’t seem to mind our one thousand questions. You pushed us in the right direction.
– Dan & Liesel MacPhee

Hello Tim,
I must say that it was a pleasure to have met you in person today. As I mentioned before, I noticed your quick response to my sister’s email requests; you are very personable and polite in your correspondence. Your demeanor, and sincere joy and interest in your work radiates from across the table. A relaxed person to be in the company of when doing business, is much appreciated.
– Lorna McLaren

Much good luck now and in the future. There is no substitute for sincerity and hard work.
– Karen Finch

You have our loyal support if someone we know is looking to buy or sell or if our situation changes. We know you will do well as you are so honest and polite and most of all have the knowledge that people expect in a realtor. We were so impressed with our first encounter with you and how you walked us through the whole buying ordeal, patiently taking your time to make sure we knew what we were getting in to and that from a different province.
– Connie and Gary Dingwall